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I have been very lucky to work in many visual mediums with some of the most gifted collaborators  both here in New York and in Europe. Over the past three years I have been given the opportunity to work with a group of orthopaedic surgeons. Head shots, candids and editorial portraiture in and around the surgical suites. I have also been honored to be called upon to video tape live surgical procedures. Wow talk about teamwork, performance and dedication. While I can’t show any videos in this forum I am happy to share some of the portraits I did with this awesome group.

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Lenovo Portable Device Campaign

Here are some videos I have recently completed with and for the very talented photographer Michel LeRoy.

Digitas/Boston was the ad agency. The creative brief was to create a series of enviroments in a studio and capture various emotions of young people using Lenovo mobile devices they were enjoying off camera. The welcome challenge for me was to capture all video at 120 frames a second. All videos were done on an Arri Alexa Camera with angenieux lenses set on a industrial strength rail system all tripped out by Derrick Zimmerman at Motion Picture Rentals . Congratulations Michel, enjoy!

Its All About Collaboration

I have been very fortunate in my career as an image maker. People from all walks of life have afforded me opportunities, given me entry and supplied me with ideas for subject matter. Without these people and their altruism it would be much harder, probably impossible, for me to have acheived the goals I have met and strive to acheive later.

Kohler is a longstanding client and I have done many projects with them for various still campaigns so when they called me recently to invite me to do a still and video campaign I jumped at the chance. The brief was to capture a before and after kitchen renovation project. I am proud to share this work. Special shout out to Nick Kapanke for his directing and edit. And a hearty thank you to the Donovan family and Susan Serra for their time, enthusiasm and thoughtful collaboration during our two days together.



I am a strong believer that as an artisan one is only as good as all the support you can muster and cajole and pilfer.This month I had the great pleasure to be commissioned to do a national ad campaign and collatoral pieces for Ann Sacks and their latest bathroom accessory line. John Davison joined me with his styling magic and Wanda Tracy was on hand throughout with thoughtful input and a welcome understanding of what a camera can do in the confines of two Manhattan showrooms. Sadly this was Wanda’s last adventure and mission with Ann Sachs. Good luck Wanda. You will be an asset wherever you decide to go next…








On the Other Side of Sandy

Imagine you are an international magazine company (read Hearst Publications) and you are having your annual showhouse collection that by happy chance happens to feature the glass tile work of my very talented cousinJohn McWilliam. We are all set to do a National ad campaign for Ann Sacks and then the storm of the century arrives (read hurricane Sandy) and washes out all the electrical, plumbing and heating systems in the swank downtown Manhattan building that has all of the showrooom apartments, massaged by world renowned interior designers and craft people and their talents and well, frankly, it seems like a recipe for major meltdown and no photo campaign.


Fortunately everyone and everything  was safe and the hard work of all these talents survived and I recently was reinvited there two days before there massive public preview and after they got some systems back up and running (read no water so no toilets during the coldest time of the year. Impossible for women and grim for guys!) but who am I to complain – we had electricity…


We photographed three showrooms and I have to say the designers use of each unique Ann Sacks tile set was both inspiring and appropriate for the space. Bravo to everyone! Many thanks to John Hart and Wanda Tracy of Ann Sachs and to Jon Davison for his styling magic.

Room with a View

I recently had the great pleasure of working with Ellie Cullman of Cullman/Kravis. We spent the day covering one of her interior designs to use as illustrations for an upcoming book she is authoring. The weather was gray and misty but the mood throughout the day was always sunny. Thanks Ellie!Family_Rm-012IP_23


Back to the Heartland

I was commissioned by a client of John McWilliam (yes he is my cousin but don’t hold that agains me…) to do a group portrait of the talented artisans who redecorated and fabricated many of the contents in her home. It was a welcome challenge because I am not known for my portrait work. It was also a photoshop fest because all the principles in the final photograph couldn’t all make it at the same time. I will leave it up to you dear reader to pick out who was later photoshopped into the final picture. Ben of CSI deserves note for the seamless integration of all the players into the final image.


While I was in Milwaukee I also photographed a commerical project for Scathain. Thanks Mary! Great work John!


Turning a Print Campaign into a Video

So I arrive at the bare bones brooklyn studio. Everyone is busy setting up three rental sets for us to do a print campaign for Robert Allen’s new hotel line of textiles by designer Kirk Nix. The design director, says, “guess what we are going to do a video from the print campaign!” Cool! No pressure and no more coffee…

This video would have happened but I don’t think the end result would have been as good without the post production magic of The Station. Many thanks to Hugh and Jon for their finesse and good taste. And to David and Ric, congratulations, a pleasure to work with you and for you! Thanks for having me and for keeping me properly caffeinated!!!

Body Parts

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with the talented creatives at Robert Allen Design again. David and Ric wanted me to join them in a bare bones studio and create some intimate sexy imagery of Kirk Nix’s newest textile line for hotels. It was a great day full of lots of lighting toys and sexy body parts that was used as 4×8 foot murals in the Robert Allen Showroom and trade shows. Awesome action p0acked day!.Thanks David and Ric! Also a special shout out to Michel and Jonathan for their help creating these images.



Stripes Have Always Been One of My Favorite Colors

Here are a few images I recently completed for editorial clients. You gotta love the workmanship.

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