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I am a strong believer that as an artisan one is only as good as all the support you can muster and cajole and pilfer.This month I had the great pleasure to be commissioned to do a national ad campaign and collatoral pieces for Ann Sacks and their latest bathroom accessory line. John Davison joined me with his styling magic and Wanda Tracy was on hand throughout with thoughtful input and a welcome understanding of what a camera can do in the confines of two Manhattan showrooms. Sadly this was Wanda’s last adventure and mission with Ann Sachs. Good luck Wanda. You will be an asset wherever you decide to go next…








On the Other Side of Sandy

Imagine you are an international magazine company (read Hearst Publications) and you are having your annual showhouse collection that by happy chance happens to feature the glass tile work of my very talented cousinJohn McWilliam. We are all set to do a National ad campaign for Ann Sacks and then the storm of the century arrives (read hurricane Sandy) and washes out all the electrical, plumbing and heating systems in the swank downtown Manhattan building that has all of the showrooom apartments, massaged by world renowned interior designers and craft people and their talents and well, frankly, it seems like a recipe for major meltdown and no photo campaign.


Fortunately everyone and everything¬† was safe and the hard work of all these talents survived and I recently was reinvited there two days before there massive public preview and after they got some systems back up and running (read no water so no toilets during the coldest time of the year. Impossible for women and grim for guys!) but who am I to complain – we had electricity…


We photographed three showrooms and I have to say the designers use of each unique Ann Sacks tile set was both inspiring and appropriate for the space. Bravo to everyone! Many thanks to John Hart and Wanda Tracy of Ann Sachs and to Jon Davison for his styling magic.